Regreening Bali: One Bamboo at a Time

Originally posted on Pak Dave In Bali:
Murni Plantiing Bamboo in Songam Village Many families in Songam Village B will get a lift out of poverty thanks to the efforts of Kadek Gunarta of the Bali Regreen project, and his team of skilled community organizers and agricultural experts.  Bali Regreen will plant more than…

Bali Eco Club’s Field Trip…Keeping Bali Beautiful

  On a field trip last week to recycling centers and one of the island’s most eco-conscious businesses, 30 high-school kids from Dawan, their principal and teachers learned how their school’s recycling efforts fit into the larger picture of cleaning up plastic pollution to Keep Bali Beautiful. And we had a lot of fun. SMA1’sContinue reading “Bali Eco Club’s Field Trip…Keeping Bali Beautiful”

Keeping Bali Beautiful

 Plastic pollution is a huge problem in Bali.  It seems that every river, every beach, every village, every temple, and every household is becoming blighted by discarded bottles, bags and other plastic rubbish. Our first step was to clean up our own act. “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Continue reading “Keeping Bali Beautiful”