Regreening Bali: One Bamboo at a Time

Pak Dave In Bali

Murni Plantiing Bamboo in Songam Village Murni Plantiing Bamboo in Songam Village

Many families in Songam Village B will get a lift out of poverty thanks to the efforts of Kadek Gunarta of the Bali Regreen project, and his team of skilled community organizers and agricultural experts.

 Bali Regreen will plant more than 4,000 bamboo shoots donated by the good people of John Hardy Silver in Songam Village B.  In seven years, the bamboo will grown into stalks wide enough to sale at the market.  This is a huge opportunity for the farmers here who scratch out a living from the dry soil.

Sonang Village B farmers Sonang Village B farmers

Even before seven years, farmers will reap benefits.  Village leaders estimated they purchase about $3,000 a year of bamboo for ceremonies and other uses which soon will be avoided costs.

This program is much more than planting bamboo.  It takes a whole village to keep this crop alive.  Bali…

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