Who We Are:

Where does plastic garbage in the Bali Sea come from?
Plastic garbage in villages like this


We Can Keep Bali Beautiful

The idyllic island of Bali is drowning in plastic pollution, and it is killing our land, sea and wildlife. Keep Bali Beautiful’s mission is to support village recycling operations and environmental education to help solve this problem. Keep Bali Beautiful is a project of Ahimsa in Action, a US non-profit tax exempt organization, which supports community development projects primarily in Indonesia.

Our Program: We provide funding and technical support to our partners such as the Tangkas Village Recycling Program (TPS) which has created village-based recycling and environmental education for more than 1,000 people. Every week TPS which was founded by Ketut Darmawan recycles or composts more than 90% of the waste it receives from its customers.

17757527_1604831749532396_2546569712154411385_n (1)
At Tangkas Village Recycling Center

We also support and have funded Gringgo.co which has created tech tools to build a waste network that helps reduce ocean plastic pollution by 25% by 2020 in South East Asia & increase recycling rates by 50% by 2022.

Keep Bali Beautiful also actively promotes environmental education via it’s website KeepBaliBeautiful.com and on Facebook at Keep Bali Beautiful. Previously we were involved in recycling operations at school campuses in the Klungkung area.


Tangkas Village Recycling Center



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