Here are Seven Facts about How Dangerous of Burning Trash

In general, particularly every homes they burned the garbage as randomly. This activity will produce carbon monoxide (CO) which it can effected to human if they inhale it. It will irritate the function of hemoglobin (red blood cells) that is supposed to circulated and distribute oxygen (O2) to the entire body. Lack of O2 can lead to death. An idea for you, one ton of waste that burned will potentially produced as much as 30 kg of CO gas.

The Smoke from the burning of plastic waste will produce dioxin chemical compounds or substances that can be used as herbicides (plant toxins). In addition, the process can also produce phosgene or harmful toxic gases that have been used as a murder weapon during the First World War.

The Results of burning waste which containing the chlorine can produce 75 kinds of toxics.

The Smoke from burning waste which containing of benzopirena (toxic gas that attack the heart) as much as 350 times. This substance is suspected as the culprit of causing cancer and harmful hydrocarbons (such as acetic acid) that cause irritation.

Burning wood can also produce compounds that cause cancer. While melamine can produce formaldehyde (formalin) when it burned with lot of oxygen supply or HCN (cyanide) when less oxygen.

Burning garbage at outdoors can produce fine dust particles or particulate matter (PM), which reached the PM level 10 (10 microns). With these levels, the human respiratory cannot filter these substances, so that it can enter the lungs and cause respiratory problems.

The Waste burning can cause a thick haze and reduce visibility and comfort in your neighborhood. What’s worse, could lead to a fire on a bigger scale. We still remember the occurrence of forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan, which causes the ship, hit a rock and stop commercial flight activity at several airports.

Supriyono, S.KM, M. Kes is a lecturer at Bapelkes Batam, Riau Islands.
Office Address: Jln. Marina City, Ex. Tanjung Uncang, district. Batu Aji, Batam. He is also the Chairman of the Branch Council Nutritionist Association of Indonesia, Lamongan, East Java.
You can contact him through the contact page of this website or email:

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