Wow, 1 Kg Plastic Trash Can Produce 1 Liter Fuel

BADUNG – Trash usually are not useful yet a simple technology of plastic waste now can be processed into fuel so it can be more valuable.

Break down of the government’s plan to raise fuel prices are not too troubled by Ida Bagus Ketut Atmaja, plastic garbage collectors in the District of Mengwi, Badung, Bali.

The reason, he have a creative idea by processing plastic waste into fuel. Because of his creative ideas, 1 kilogram of plastic waste can produce 1 liter of fuel.

The idea came from a concern after seeing the many piles of trash at his neighborhood. After reading the literature and conducting experiments, Ketut Atmaja finally found a simple technology.

“If the waste is burned will be useless, why not just let distilled useful,” he said when he met reporters on Sunday (14/09/2014).

It is based on a reference when he read the article, including South Korea’s success in converting plastic waste into diesel fuel. He too was determined to create something to convert plastic waste that is worth more.

From his experiments, he creates a machine by himself. He made the kiln and distillation (reactor firolisis).

The results of the assemblies, he can change the various types of plastics into fuel oil. However, he only can convert the plastic bags and bottles of bottled water which are prioritized for the recycling process.

By a simple tools such as three tubes which connected to the to the iron hose and then processed. After all plastic selected or separated, then put the garbage into the tube and burned with LPG like cooking everyday.

“When burning, will be fuel discharge then collected in a container bottle,” he said.

For this process does not take too long, only about half an hour. Once that process is complete, so he found a kilogram of plastic produce one liter of liquid fuel.

The Distillates result had not produced a certain type of fuel because there is still blended gasoline. With liquid material processed, it has been able to produce fluid to burn any fuel can even be used for motorcycles.

There is also a mixture of diesel or kerosene. In the future he would try to experiment again to produce energy more perfect.

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