Eco-Creativity: Village Theater Promotes Recycling


An important step in solving Bali’s environmental problems is helping people understand why plastic pollution is a problem and inform them how they can help solve it.

One creative way to get the message out is occurring in Klungkung province with the support of the Bupati (regional governor) I Nyoman Suwirta.  He hosted a performance of traditional Balinese dance  by the Tangkas Village Recycling Program (TVRP) in a performance with Barong and Rangda dances featuring the theme of “Recycling.”

According to TVRP head Ketut Darmawan, the purpose was to show the public about the dangers of waste.  “The performance not only delivered the negative message that waste spreads disease, we also delivered a positive message that recycling can be a valuable economic resource and an artistic inspiration.  Set designs were created with plastic and compostable waste.

Bupati Suwirta said,  “This theatrical appearance is expected to inspire the Klungkung community to maintain environmental cleanliness by not littering.”


#KeepBaliBeautiful, #TPS Tangkas Village

Support for the Tangkas Village Recycling Program

This village recycling program picks up waste from nearly 1,000 households, and composts or recycles 95% of this waste. The remainder is sent to an approved landfill. Your donation will go to paying for the staff and equipment that keep the program operating.



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