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Diet Plastic Bag
Diet Plastic Bag
Rahyang Nusantara Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Rahyang Nusantara
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Indonesia has a serious problem with rubbish. The amount of rubbish that can be collected everyday in the Capital City could be 6,000 ton and the heap reach 30,000 meter- more than Borobudur Tample size.
Averagely the use of plastic bag every people in Indonesia is 700 sheet per year. Plastig bag waste in Indonesia reach 4000 ton per dari similar with 16 plane Boeing 747, so almost 100 billion plastic bag was consume per year in Indonesia. Plastic Bag production was spending 12 million barrel crude oil that can’t be updated, that equal to 11 billion rupiah.

Most of the plastic bag waste didn’t reach the dump and just little plastics that could be recycled. As the result this plastic bag end in such this place; river, waterways and drainage, beach, even ocean and other places that blocked the waterways. Plastic bag could be unravel around 500 until 1000 years, and in the end this just crouch forever at river, beach and under the earth. This is the causes of the flood that happen in Indonesia.

Plastic Bag Waste is have a big consequence for the environment that really expensive, but so ironic because the plastic bag was given for free by the trader!Because of free, we need so much effort for the consumer awareness to do Diet Plastic Bag. Supermarkets, and mall is the big contributor for the plastics bag and have a strong position to change the consumers habbit. By giving price for every plastic, that have effect such as: (1) as economic, after several shopping time will be easy to bring their own bag than by a plastic bags, (2) as psychology, consumer will think before use a plastics bag when the shopkeeper ask “do you need a plastic bag?”

Based on the research of Greenaration Indonesia on 2009 said was people will bring their own bag if: (1) The Shop didn’t provide a plastic bag anymore (33%), (2) The Plastic bag is not for free (30%), (3) there is a reward that given if they bring their own bag (13%), (4) etc.

Should remind that every product at the supermarkets already package bye hygiene package. Therefore there are no need to bring plastic bag to home. It just enough to use our own bag that we can reuse again—Bring Your Own Bag!

We ask President, Governors, and Districts head all over Indonesia to make a rules for Reduce Using Plastic Bags, as the implemented of Government laws No. 81 year 20123 about the management of Rubbish. Besides managing the plastics waste, its need a rules to reduse and banning the plastic bag with Stop Giving Plastic Bag for Free.

With the right rules, the consumers habit could change to use their own shop bag that can be reuse.
Join us to be volunteers at Diet Plastic Bag by registers yourself at this website;

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