Pakse Bali Elementary School Becomes New Recycling Partner

We attended a very energetic ceremony today where we signed a partnership to conduct a recycling program with SDN3 Elementary School in our village of Pakse Bali.

We are supplying the Recycling Stations for the program, and will be doing regular pickup of the recycled materials.  The school will operate the program.  Most importantly, the program gives us access to more than 300 kids, faculty and staff who we will be educating about the danger of pollution, and how they can personally act to clean up their school, their village and ultimately their island.

I revved up the students with a very engaging talk.  By the time he was finished, students couldn’t wait to be the first to recycle at their school and at home.  Our secret agenda is for these kids to badger their parents into joining the recycling party….we’ll see.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to help get this program off the ground.  If you’d like to help, it costs about $75 for each of these recycling stations, $5 for an Eco Club T-shirt and about $100 per month for our recycled material delivery truck.  If you’d like to donate go to: and click Support Ahimsa In Action.

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